1st International Workshop on Formal Methods - Fun for Everybody

The largest transformations that universities make to industrial practices is through releasing legions of graduates every year. These graduates challenge established processes, and pave ways for new approaches. The standard CS graduate leaves university with either no knowledge of Formal Methods or a hatred for Formal Methods. Unless this situation is changed, Formal Methods will never be accepted in industry.

This workshop explores ways of how to utilize this pathway to transformation for spreading Formal Methods. In current practice, FM are often taught by theoreticians, who (ab)use their FM courses to teach theoretical concepts rather than putting FMs in a SE context. The workshop’s vision is that FMs ought to be taught in such a way that every student can have fun with it. But how can this be achieved?

In order to answer this question the workshop welcomes participants from Formal methods as well as from education to exchange their views and perspectives.

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